We inspect and repair most types of residential and commercial fire escapes. Call us to schedule an appointment.

For more than 15 years Bay Area Chimney & Vent Cleaning has been accessing roofs by walking on fire escapes. We often find fire escape in serious disrepair. We now offer fire escape inspection and repair services.

There is a lot you can do to improve the functionality and safety of your fire escape. We’ve listed a few of them below. Also, a regular inspection and maintenance will help to ensure you’re up to code and have a fire escape that will operate correctly in a real emergency.

Here are some common corrections to make any fire escape system safer:

  • Seal all major connections for rust prevention by using silicone or similar material on the fire escape.
  • Remove all rust by scraping, then paint or replace metal depending on severity of condition.
  • Reinforce any connections to building as deemed necessary for structural safety.
  • Remove and replace any bolts that are in disrepair on the fire escape.
  • Paint all stairs and rails to prevent rusting on the fire escape.
  • Repair or replace cable for safe operation of the fire escape’s drop ladder.

We service all types of fire escape systems, including:

  • Accordion scissor fire escape
  • Counter balance fire escape
  • Diagonal Accordion scissor fire escape
  • Pole ladder fire escape
  • Slider fire escape

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