Air Duct Cleaning

You can improve the quality of your indoor environment starting with the air you breathe. Residential and commercial heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems accumulate dirt and can become a breeding ground for a variety of health threats such as dander, dust and pollen.

Bay Area Chimney & Vent Cleaning  uses a specialized vacuum to pull the dust and debris from your ductwork and into a self-contained collection unit. Your HVAC ducts will be thoroughly cleaned. After an inspection we will reconnect ducts if necessary, repair any leaks, and clean and replace all grills.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Fires in dryer exhaust ducts pose a serious risk to consumers. In fact, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has issued a consumer product safety alert for dryer ducts. According to CPSC, annually there are 15,600 fires, 20 deaths and 370 injuries due to clothes dryer fires. These fires result in millions of dollars in property loss.

Because the dryer duct is usually 4 inches in diameter, the slightest amount of deposit can greatly reduce the ability to exhaust. When it starts taking longer to dry the clothes, the problem is not usually the dryer, but rather the exhaust system.

As more homes have clothes dryers and are built of tighter construction, the proper operation of the dryer becomes critical. Dryers are exhausting air from the house while they are in operation. Gas dryers are also venting the products of combustion in addition to the moisture from the clothes. Lint in the exhaust system can easily become fuel as temperatures rise and the duct becomes restrictive. Dryers may be located in an area where they must compete for combustion air with gas-fired water heaters and furnaces or boilers. This can lead to life-threatening malfunctions on the part of the heating equipment.

Dryer-vent systems in most houses are no more than 5 or 10 feet long. But the venting systems in multifamily buildings (including co-ops and condominiums) can be hundreds of feet long and can contain decades-old accumulations of lint, fabric, small articles of clothing and just about anything else that can make its way from the dryer into the venting system.

In addition to being a potential fire hazard, accumulated debris can significantly reduce the efficiency of dryers.

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