Berkeley Chimney Sweep

Bay Area Chimney & Vent Cleaning provides chimney sweep services in Berkeley.  Whether you need chimney service at your home or if you are a property manager of a multi-family residential property, we can help you solve your chimney issues, including:
  • One time or annual chimney cleaning in Berkeley
  • Berkeley chimney repair
  • Chimney liner replacement service
  • Berkeley Chimney masonry repair 
  • Chimney caps and dampers
  • Seismic bracing for Berkeley chimneys

Move to a new building or purchase a new house in Berkeley? Cleaning your chimney well help you sleep easier, knowing your fireplace is clean and safe. 

We often work for homeowners with a single chimney, and property managers responsible for tens to hundreds of units. If you need chimney sweep services in Berkeley, we are the ones you should call first!

Call or email today to schedule chimney sweeping or repair in Berkeley

Air Duct & Dryer Vent Cleaning Service in Berkeley

We have been accessing chimneys in Berkeley by walking on fire escapes for 25+ years. Frequently, we find fire escape in serious disrepair.
Our fire escape maintenance & repair service can assure your Berkeley fire escape is ready and functional for when you need it most. 
Our inspection and repair service includes: 
  • Sealing major connections for rust prevention by using silicone or similar material
  • Removing all rust by scraping, then paint or replace metal depending on condition and chance for failure
  • Reinforce connections to building as deemed necessary for structural safety
  • Remove / replace bolts that are in disrepair
  • Paint stairs and rails to prevent rust from forming
  • Repair / replace cable for safe operation of drop ladder
Call or email today to schedule fire escape maintenance in Berkeley or the East Bay. 

Berkeley Gutter Cleaning Service

Providing both residential and commercial gutter cleaning  in Berkeley CA, we will come to your location and clean out your gutters entirely, making sure that water can flow freely. 

Keeping your gutters clean and functional helps eliminate risks such as roof damage, dry rot, stucco damage, paint damage, stains, and other problems. 

Making sure to clean your gutters yearly with Bay Area Chimney & Vent Cleaning can help you feel at ease, once the heavy rains come around.  

 Call or email today to schedule gutter cleaning in Berkeley and the East Bay

Berkeley Fire Escape Inspection & Repair

Residential and commercial heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems accumulate dirt, dander, dust and pollen, making regular vent cleaning necessary. 
Our air vent cleaning service will help to improve the quality of the air you breathe in your Berkeley home, apartment or condo. 
In most houses, dryer-vent systems are no more than 5 or 10 feet long. But the venting systems in multifamily Berkeley buildings can be much longer, leaving them susceptible to accumulation of lint, fabric, small articles of clothing and more. 
Not only is debris a fire hazard, but it also reduces the efficiency of dryers, driving up energy costs as dryers are used longer to achieve the same result.

Call or email today to schedule air duct or dryer vent cleaning in Berkeley.

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